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Why kids love Zululami

When it comes to choosing a home for your family, those with children are often even more critical of the facilities on offer. Whilst a wonderful location is great, it’s nowhere near as important as what a development can provide for the kids (and parents) who live there. Luckily, Zululami has both an incredible location and ideal estate facilities for children. Here’s why kids love Zululami.


Wide open spaces immersed in nature

The dirtier the feet, the happier the heart. It’s why younger members of the family find endless joy in the parts of Zululami that allow them to explore and get even closer to nature. This includes our nature trails, boardwalk and even our dam that provide the perfect surroundings to enjoy the outdoors. Around the dam is a great setting to spend time with friends and catch a glimpse of nature in action. Some have even found joy in our community harvest garden alongside the dam, picking a few ingredients from the garden to make a delicious meal with. Nothing makes us happier than knowing that kids can play outside, walk the dogs, ride their bikes, and enjoy many of the same simple pleasures their parents did when they were their age.


Multi-purpose Sports Facility

For those who are sporty and enjoy staying active, our Multi-purpose Sports Facilities are ideal for games of soccer, cricket, tennis, basketball, and more. Not only is this healthy for our children, it also allows them to get to know other kids within Zululami as well.


Our Wetlands Clubhouse

Our magnificent Wetlands Clubhouse is another reason why kids love Zululami. With a training-sized pool to get a few laps in and a smaller splash pool, sunny days are always welcomed with glee. There are also grass lawns to play a game of bat and ball and bean bag loungers for those who wish to chill out. Whilst our jungle gym completes the activity offering of the Wetlands Clubhouse, the chance to grab an ice cream or a smoothie is there as well, making Zululami the perfect setting for fun, excitement and of course, a treat!


The coastal childhood of dreams

Ready to give your kids the security, fun and world-class facilities that come with a home at Zululami? It’s time to arrange a private tour in our 4X4 game viewer. Bring the whole family and see why we’re the perfect choice for those searching for a home on the North Coast. Schedule your tour at a time convenient to you when you click here.

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