Unrivalled rental opportunities at Zululami

Buying to rent is a sure way to grow your property portfolio whilst earning an additional income. With rentals on the North Coast booming, Zululami Luxury Coastal Estate presents an exceptional opportunity for rentals. Here’s why…

Location. Location. Location.

Situated in a prime coastal area, we offer the best of all worlds. From stunning views to direct beach access, warm weather, and a world of facilities both on-site and off, a home here delivers coveted coastal living.  

Short and long-term letting options

Zululami enables owners to lease on both a short and long-term basis. This means those wanting to capitalise on holiday seasons are able to do so, whilst those wanting to place reliable tenants for a longer period feel perfectly at home. As a result, Zululami provides options for homeowners looking to earn a rental income and the flexibility to choose what makes the most sense for them.

Facilities galore

From 24-hour security to beach and wetland clubhouses, multisport facilities, wetland boardwalks, beach access gates, bird hides and more, Zululami provides the right blend of privacy, excitement and exclusivity, something that appeals to potential renters.

Investment Potential

A property within Zululami Luxury Coastal Estate can offer long-term investment potential, with the possibility of property appreciation over time. Additionally, rental income can provide a steady cash flow and contribute to the property’s overall return on investment.

Rental Demand

The North Coast is certainly in high demand for rental properties all year round! With the appeal of the coastal lifestyle, coupled with Zululami’s luxurious offerings, it’s no wonder so many are taking the chance to ride the rental wave!

Ready to earn a rental income?

For more on our exceptional options within Zululami that are perfect for generating a rental income. Why not join us for a private tour today?

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