The inspiration behind our Wetlands Clubhouse

If you’ve ever joined us for a tour of Zululami, you would have seen our glorious Wetlands Clubhouse. Conceptualised by a team of South Africa’s most talented and completed at the end of last year, we sat down with architect Lisa Rorich to find out more about this iconic space and how her vision has come to fruition.

Q: What were your inspirations for the space? 

A: “The wetlands and wonders of nature were two of the biggest inspirations for the Clubhouse. Celebrating North Coast living was another as we aimed to create numerous spaces within one building that allowed residents and their guests to enjoy the best of the coast every time they visited the Clubhouse.”


Q: What were you most excited about when you think back to the start of the project?

A: “Back when we started, there was very little at Zululami in terms of facilities so I knew I wanted to start things off right. Coupled with the shared vision of the client and the professional team, I knew this wasn’t going to be anything less than a masterpiece.”


Q: What are your favourite parts of the clubhouse? 

A: “The courtyard spaces and planted roofs that breathe life into the building, reminding us that all good things are best enjoyed alongside nature.”


Q: Why should residents be excited to have this glorious Wetlands Clubhouse within their estate?

 A: “Most certainly the facilities it offers. The Pavilion can be used as a private space to celebrate important occasions, whilst the kids’ play area complete with plans for an ice cream deli will allow mom and dad to relax, knowing there’s enough fun and excitement to keep their little ones entertained. I think the outside seating area is ideal for movie nights, as are the cosy firepits that lend themselves well to a glass of red and a good fireside chat. I also think the pizza oven and restaurant area are something special. These spaces were designed to work independently so that none of them feels out of place or too vast, this has resulted in a well-rounded offering that residents can feel very proud of.”


Q: What makes the clubhouse unlike any other project you’ve worked on before?

A: “The client, professional team and the location all worked incredibly well together. The magical position in the wetlands is only going to get better as nature matures and the Clubhouse itself becomes enveloped by its surrounding wetlands. Sunset on the rooftop is truly magnificent and I never grow tired of seeing it.”


See our Wetlands Clubhouse on your next tour of Zululami

Experience the magic of this space and of our approach to North Coastal living when you arrange a private tour of Zululami. Book your scenic afternoon drive on our 4X4 game viewer with a member of our on-site sales team when you click here:

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