Zululami Estate

Our 2022 Highlights

2022 was a big year for Collins Residential and Zululami in particular. We sat down with our team to find out what topped their list of 2022 highlights. Here’s what they had to share with us…

Nothing could stand in the way of the Zululami story!

“A big effort this year was spent dealing with the Flood Damage and getting it repaired and sorted out; we now have a better and more resilient estate as a result. Our two new dams are as a result of the floods, proving that when life throws lemons, you can always go to the Citrus Park and have a G&T!” – Andrew D’Aubrey

Things have really come to life

“The number of homes now built or under construction and seeing the design code of the estate come into existence has been incredible. The sheer number of homeowners who moved in this year was also a special one for us. It’s also been great to see our Wetland Clubhouse coffee shop being well supported, with residents and various professionals making use of the space both socially and professionally.” – Pat Lambie

The flow between nature and our estate is quite a sight to behold

“The paths that were completed into phase 2, and the establishment of 2 new dams in the estate have given rise to the most beautiful landscaped paths that take you off the roads and into the grasslands and forests. This is another way we’ve bridged the gap between man and mother nature, allowing our surrounding ecosystems to thrive and our residents to enjoy them.” Andrew D’Aubrey

Our residents are making the most out of their facilities and surroundings

“A typical evening at Zululami is a hive of activity as we see runners, walkers, prams and dogs on leads enjoying the wetlands and walkways. The establishment of the fitness park and pavilion has also been wonderful and there are some regular (and really competitive) 5-a-side soccer games played there now.” – Pat Lambie

We hope to see you in 2023!

To all who have contributed to our highlights this year, we thank you for being part of our story. If you haven’t yet had a chance to enjoy a private tour in our 4X4 game viewer, we hope to have you with us in the new year. To get a head start and be the first to tour the estate in 2023, click here to get in touch with our team: https://zululamiestate.co.za/contact/

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