Biodiversity: Why Matters and How You Can Help

One of South Africa’s natural treasures is its unique biodiversity. We rank in the top 10 megadiverse nations in the world. Considering its impact on health and well-being, it has become increasingly important to integrate with our natural surroundings. The problem is that there are misconceptions on how to do this effectively – such as whole-scale planting of indigenous trees. So it’s of inestimable value when estates such as ours only plant grasses, shrubs and trees that naturally occur in the area. At Zululami, ‘biomimicry’ and ‘biophilic design’ are our driving philosophies, where patterns and systems in nature inform the architecture and landscape, and designs are focussed on connecting human beings to the natural world. Suddenly a grassland isn’t just a grassland – it’s a unique and vibrant ecosystem teeming with inspiration for sustainable living.

This article explains why biodiversity matters and how each of us can help to fight the loss of our natural heritage. What actions are you going to try first?


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