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We hope that you are finding your rhythm in what has become our ‘new normal’ for the time being? As South Africans we are creative and resilient people, keeping ourselves physically fit, circumnavigating our properties, big and small, putting in a few hours of work and having family time – We’re sure there have been moments of richness and moments that have tested your mettle!

So, while the national lockdown is in full swing, we’ve done some reflection as a development team to share 21 reasons why we think you will love Zululami as much as we do. Allow us to transport you to a little piece of heaven on the KZN North Coast where nature’s bounty reigns supreme…

1. The splash of a wave as it crashes onto the shoreline and lulls you back into the warm Indian Ocean. Be revitalised by an energetic swim whenever you feel like it! With direct access to our pristine stretch of North Coast beachfront, you wouldn’t want to live anywhere else?

2. Wander through wild grasslands and lush coastal forests, inhaling their rich earthy fragrance and feeling at peace with the world. At Zululami you are given the freedom to be at one with nature in an environment with wide open spaces and undulating hillsides that are being rehabilitated to their previous 100 year old, original state, prior to the times of monoculture farming.

3. Whatever good things we build, end up building us. Leading design and Zululami’s contemporary architectural philosophy is one that is immersed with the beautiful indigenous surroundings. Through open living spaces and the use of natural, sustainable materials living spaces embrace the contemporary lifestyles and personalities of each home owner, resulting in homes that transcend current trends to create a timeless regionally responsive architecture.

4. Let the creative juices flow and bring your dreams to life! Design your home, with our contemporary architectural design code in collaboration with one of seven top architects appointed to help you create your dream space within our beautiful estate.

5. Feel the ocean breeze brush your skin while our yearlong sunshine gives you all the vitamin D that you need. At Zululami, our harmonious and purposeful landscape design adds quality of life, personal happiness and coastal living means many, many years of a life lived well.

6. Laughter and connection, these are the small but important things that make life worthwhile. Be it at our Wetland Clubhouse, Forest Pavillion or the Beach Pavilion, there will be no better way for you to enjoy special times with the people who add meaning to your life.

7. Get your heartrate up! Fill yourself with a dose of daily exercise while being connected to nature. You’ll never run out of exercise opportunities at Zululami: run, walk or cycle along off-road trails surrounded by lush vegetation, train in the lap-pool. Or you can enjoy Zululami’s challenging fitness park – play 5-a-side soccer, hockey or netball, throw a few hoops, or even have a game of volleyball on our multisport courts. There’s also the opportunity to play in the cricket nets with your kids or knock a ball around on the tennis courts.

8. Your summer salad will never be this good after you’ve picked some rosemary, basil and tossed in a few organic strawberries – all from our organic estate harvest garden.

9. Deep inhale, deep exhale… Meandering boardwalks and raised Yoga decks are waiting for you to breathe in the fresh air and revel in an outdoor lifestyle, all year round. There’s no need to stay indoors when you live on the enchanting North Coast with its enduring warm climate.

10. There’s nothing like sun-kissed cheeks! Just a short walk from your front door takes you to the popular Sheffield Beach or Christmas Bay, on a virtually private two kilometres of unspoilt coastline.

11. Grow little genius’. Choose from a variety of private education facilities from a selection of top schools within the area and a new world-class school in the planning at neighbouring Seaton estate.

12. Sleep easy! At Zululami you can relax knowing that the safety of your family is well taken care of in a completely secure environment – a peaceful sanctuary for the mind, body and soul.

13. Make a return to the things that matter. Welcome the joys of an authentic lifestyle – rolling green hills, organic farmers’ markets and community fetes in our bustling community offer a variety of fun and engaging activities every week-end.

14. Say goodbye to traffic jams – they’re for city slickers and not for us. With easy access to nearby shopping outlets, there are several upmarket shopping malls, artisanal shops and a great selection of restaurants just around the corner.

15. Medical Emergency? You’re covered! With nearby healthcare facilities and Alberlito Hospital within 10 minutes’ drive.

16. Land, Apartments or Home Packages – choosing an option that suits you. With a range of residential opportunities on offer, we have an answer that will tick all your boxes, and your lifestyle.

17. Calculated decisions are the best decisions and as developers we have secured your investment by putting in Zululami’s infrastructure upfront. What this means is that you get all the benefits of an off-plan investment guaranteed, without any of the typical risk or the option to purchase ready-to-transfer plots.

18. Roam free within rehabilitated coastal grasslands, while your kids hop on their bikes and explore nature’s bounty. With traversing rights and reciprocity with our neighbours on Seaton Estate, you also get to enjoy their unrivalled lifestyle facilities with access to the two BEST locations on the North Coast.

19. Listen to the call of the birds and get lost in time. Feel the soft brush of coastal grasslands on your legs. Our rich and versatile environment integrates four spectacular KZN Biomes all of which have been rehabilitated to offer residents a unique opportunity of living amongst our indigenous coastal environments.

20. Bee awesome! Be part of an eco-system that makes a difference. Zululami’s biobanks have been strategically spaced and planted around the estate with a diverse range of flora and year-round flowering shrubs which will allow our birds and bees to flourish in perpetuity. You might even get the benefit of enjoying the most delicious home-grown, organic honey too!

21. Don’t sweat the small stuff… Flexible finance options with the Developer opens the way for those who dream of living their best life at Zululami, so engage with us!


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