Introducing the CO-OP
A business, health and retail community space

Complementing the Zululami Luxury Coastal Estate offering, The CO-OP is a community-centred development that will service the North Coast residential suburbs, providing an attractive and appealing retail and business hub to some 35 000 consumers out of season and 140 000 in season.

This central hub is more than just a place of work, the design has been based on biophilic principles which connects individuals to the lush natural surrounds and helps reduce stress, improve cognitive function, enhance creativity, foster wellness and encourage healing. Work in nature and enhance your creativity, nurture your wellness, and find a place to create your own sanctuary.

Brought to you by Collins Residential, The CO-OP will be situated at the centre of the North Coast community landscapes, providing access to over 7 700 families in the immediate vicinity.

Health & Wellness

Bespoke offices


Soft Retail

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The CO-OP offers a number of rental opportunities in the areas of office, retail and wellness, starting at 50m² modules.

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